Finishing the week, let me tell you something about nature and it’s secrets…

This is what you see when you are going for your first canyoning. You look around and think that it is pretty beautiful and amazing. But once’s you are inside, it can only surprise you at the speed of light.

So, as I said, suddenly, you find this next one and you ask to your self: is it my island? For real? It’s been there all the time and I just didn’t know?

So, if you want to discover new places like those, just put your shoes, go out, walk, see, listen, CREATE those UNIQUE MEMORIES ,be kind to the nature and, at the end, you will not just find beautiful places, you will find yourself too.

Have a great day, be mindful, be kind, respect the other, enjoy as much as you can and learn, which always feels right.

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