If you are planing to trekking, hiking, climbing, running, canyoning, or whatever outdoor adventure you are going to do, don’t forget about nutrition.
One of the most important part, WATER and even if you are not thirsty, drink! because anytime you are excerpting, you are loosing liquids, so, for real, it is an important part when you are planing about what to take into the activity.

More things: fruit, protein and cereal bars (or any form you like to take them, because they are important for your muscles and your energy).

And then, take something you like to eat, for example brea and cheese, for me THE BEST part 🙂
As well as all that you want to add, but always take food with you, it’s super important to give the best and for enjoy the adventure.
Good Sunday everybody! enjoy the day and be kind with the nature.

P.S. after the adventure: a little time for mindfulness, which always helps to have a perfect day.

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