Caroline is a travel consultant at Advantage Eco trails and Events, which is located at Karen (Nairobi, Kenya). As a travel lover, she likes to interact with people from different places and cultures, so she can learn from them.

And she just doesn’t like travel, she is also worried about NATURE and ENVIRONMENT, on her owns words, “we need to be more mindful of the environment and protect it. Stop littering everywhere and plant more trees”.

Doesn’t seem a complicated task, DOES IT? So friends, enjoy us an help them, it doesn’t take that much… you just have ti be a kind traveler, a sustainable one. You always can be responsible and enjoy at the same time…

Another thing really important about Kenia is that they have lots of safaris, so she is giving us a good tip: “We could start by conducting game drives in the designated tracks instead of creating our own paths to view one animal”. So take it into account if you want to keep enjoying the safaris.

Itziar Pérez Miranda, 15/02/2022

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