Today we are dedicating some time to Kevin, a freelance tourist guide in South Africa. 

Since he was a little boy, his parents used to travel around this espectacular country so, as he says, “I am passionate about South Africa […] South Africa has an incredible cultural and natural heritage which I simply love. We have 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites here”.

But the most AMAZING thing about Kevin is that it was at the age of 60 when he decided to choose his passion, so he could “spend the rest of my working life showing others the places that I have come to love so much”. Isn’t it amazing??

So here we have such a breve man who just want to get involved with tourist, share his experience and create new relationships. So, don’t hesitate, put in contact with him whenever you go to South Africa.

Besides that, he is also helping local communities, making sure that tourist take care about NATURE and ENVIRONMENT.

And just to name some of his favorite sites, which he will be happy to show you, there are: Cape Town, The Garden Route, The Panorama Route, Simangaliso Wetlands world heritage site, The old African civilisation of Mapungubwe, etc.

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