UK, Sustainable Nick

Today, Nick’s adventures. 

Nick is the creator of the Walk Before You Climb Online, which prepares t-shirts for all kind of challenges and adventures based in the Uk, which I am tryin to change 😉

He also has a blog, which I recommend you to read, Walk Before You Climb Hiking, where he documents and I would like to use his own words “some of my hiking adventures and offers tips regarding routes, local amenities, and the accessibility of each walk or challenge”.

As his regular job is to be a postman, and he is so passionate about hiking, adventures and he would like to has his own podcast, I encourage you to help him reach his dream. And I would like him to reached his goal because he hopes to “inspire people to go hiking, as I have found that it is a great way of maintaining fitness throughout the year, allows one to create and work towards a personal goal, provides opportunities to meet new people, and can have a positive impact on people’s mental well-being through connecting with and appreciating the natural surroundings”.

The thing that I really like about Nick is his passion about hiking, which he discovered in New Zealand, no more nor less!!, where he “felt a great deal of satisfaction when I completed the hike”. And what makes him a true outdoor lover is that he wants to “provide as much information for people who are new to hiking so that they can enjoy their time in the mountains. I want people to feel safe, well-informed, and to benefit both physically and mentally as a result of their hiking adventures”.

And I could finish without talking about SUSTAINABILITY… As Nick is trying to be an example, he is making the effort to go camping whilst he’s traveling and using public transport, so he can reduce his carbon footprint.

Moreover, his products are printed and shipped from the UK, and every order is sent out in plastic-free packaging; they use natural materials as organic cotton; and the clothes are produce in factories powered by renewable energy from the sun and the wind.

By Itziar Pérez Miranda, 18/02/22.

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