Today I count with the knowledge of Quimy, who is a bouldering and rock climber passionate.

He started 10 years ago when hi discovered it and, since that day, his has become more and more good (you just have to see his Instagram photos…). 

The discover, PATAGONIA, nor more nor less… He was just visiting his father when his father’s friends invited them to go and, since then, as he says “I have been doing it non stop since that moment”.

For him, climbing “allows me to disconnect from the stress of living in a city and also to connect with nature”.

About SUSTAINABILITY, as us, he thinks we can improve. When he goes to the rock , “I see a lot of people leaving trash behind and not being careful with the environment”. 

And because we love TRAVELERS, he’s not just climbing in Argentina, but he has “travel the world and climbed all over the place: Chile, USA, Spain, France, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam…”. 

So dear friends, take Quimy as an example, learn, enjoy, find your passion but, most of all, be respectful and sustainable, because all those thing are totally compatilble.


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