Here we have camper_inoue_bouldering, another climb lover, whose dream is to connect with climbers all over the world through Instagram (let’s help with that).

He started climbing when he was JUST EIGHT years ago, when friend took he to a climbing gym.

At that moment he realize that there was not other sport in the world more interesting than that one, as he says “, a shock ran to my body”.

So, after three years of bouldering, he was brave enough to taste the pure rock. I MEAN, JUST A KID!. And, of course, he discovers that climbing on the mountain “was a sense of accomplishment that was unmatched by indoor climbing”. Since then, he have climbed more than 800 routes…

He also says something that I really live and so how passionate he’s about climbing, “the thrill of bouldering and the desire for growth still fascinates me”.

And to make an end to this post, I’m leaving one of his advises: “Just be careful of your injuries and enjoy each climbing life”.


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