Hello travel friends, today is the day dedicated Kambona, who is from Tanzania and works as a tour operator, so he is used to do work such as arranging activities like trekking, cultural tourism, student experience, beach holiday, hiking or mountain bike. 

And WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT, well, as he says “it is important because I love to share with people around the world the beauty and cultural diversity of Tanzania and its unique tribes”. So, once again, we have to respect the diversity, the new people and its country, because they are hard workers and they are trying to live a better life and to give their families a better future and a better world to live in.

How did you he discover the tourism? Because he was born in Arusha, as he calls, “the capital city for safari”. He really enjoyed to exchange experiences with tourists from overseas so later, when he could it, he decided to enter into the tourism and nowadays, he really “enjoy it because, I get to meet people from all over the world and exchange our experiences and culture”.

About what is going on with the pandemic, his first thoughts are that he would like the world to be open again, without restrictions, so they can get to travel and see the world opening again, and most of all, go to visit Tanzania, because, as he says, “in general, it will help to sustain the economics of individual people and the government”.  

Ok, now a little of TOURISM and SUSTAINABILITY… and at this point, he is obviously one of our travel community, because he thinks that “we can be sustainable and at the same time enjoy the activities” when we are traveling. And as we know Africa is pure nature, with lot of landscapes, animals in their natural environments, brilliant views of the night and bright sky. Also, “interact with different tribes, sharing cultures, is such an amazing experience and memory”.

So, once again, you know: please HELP, travel, be sustainable, respect the people and their culture and ENJOY as well, because you can do all of that in the same trip.

Have a great day!

Itziar Pérez Miranda, 24/02/2022.

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