Once again, my fire Jeewan is here to let us know a little more about Uttarakhand Home Stay Scheme, which is a host place in the beautiful valley of Kanda, Uttarakhan (north India), that also helps to their community. For that, they run projects through their volunteers’ funds, knowledge, and skills. They also like toreach out to international students, volunteers, social activists, Eco and budget tourists.
They “not only provides the village with a much needed additional source of income but provides visitors with a chance to interact with the community gaining an insight into their way of life”.
Alternatively visitors, who just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world, can relaxing read, walk through amazing trails around the village and enjoy the beauty surrounds them.
They allows the people who interested in volunteering to draw onyour knowledge and skills and with our help create programs as “Knowledge & Cultural Tourism, Wellness Tourism, Development Education, Eco-Village Rural Tourism and others”.
Examples of what other volunteering has done for the village are, in Jeewan words:

  1. Taught English in the local school while also learning the Hindi language
  2. Studied Eco Rural Sustainable Tourism, Environment protection, and Eco-development
  3. Funded Rural Architecture development and Eco Construction
  4. Used our amazing back drop for filming projects for their
    University courses.
  5. Created marketing campaigns International integrity and, website, design, networking, office help or slideshow.
  6. Organic Farming; Gardening; Composting
  7. Local skill Uttarakhand
    Home Stay Scheme; craft; traditional technology; knowledge; heritage; Learning; spiritual enlightenment; rural lifestyle; rural livelihood; yoga; or local walk, among others.
  8. Construction of toilets for poor local families, renovating and maintaining a path.
  9. Installed renewable energy sources i.e. Solar street lamps and lights in poor village’s homes. We run projects experience life in rural India and the foothills of the Himalayas.

So, he has told us, now we know what ti di ti help this beautiful Indian village

By Itziar Pérez Miranda, 26/02/2022.

Construction work training

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