This one is a very special one for me, because soon we’ll be there!! And Alberto is going to help me here to introduce you that beautiful country.

So, Alberto is a guide & co-founder of Amarok Adventures, an Icelandic travel agency based in Reykjavík. He studied to become a mountain and glacier guide, a job that he practices on the most remote areas. So, as you can see, they’re specialized in travel adventures and trips, and I really recommend you to go and check their web, because they have done an amazing job…

And my favorite topic, SUSTAINABILITY. Even though they have already have achieved a status of being a very responsible and sustainable company “reducing the use of plastics and using less vehicles and focusing more on human-powered activities”, they think that we, as travelers, can help a little bit and, at the same time, enjoy the activities. As he says “Sustainability & tourism should be completely linked concepts. We can always aim to be more sustainable tourists when choosing local companies committed with social and environmental responsibilities such as reducing the carbon footprint, employ environmentally conscious guides that embrace “Leave No Trace” methods, and at the same time spread the word and the ethics of it”.
So, I can’t add anything more to Alberto’s words, because he has expressed it from the real knowledge and from all the experience that he has. I can just say that, take a look to all the things they have achieved on this topic.

Congrats and thanks to Alberto and his team on the work they are doing and for collaborating with us.

Itziar Pérez Miranda, 28/02/2022

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