Iceland, part 2

We keep going on a little bit more with Iceland, because the more you search about it, the more you want to know. So, once again, Alberto has helped us with some important information for those one, like us, who are traveling there for the first time and want to have experienced people near.

So, they are “mostly focused on hiking and adventure multi day tours, from 7 to 12 days. Normally we work with small groups between 5 – 12 people, with experienced and licensed mountain guides in the most remote areas […] We try to do as many human-powered activities (as hiking or mountain biking) as we can, relegating the use of vehicles only to transportation of people between locations, but never as support vehicles during the long hikes or as main activity itself”. DOESN’T IT SOUND GREAT?? For sure, for us it does…

And here are 2 exciting examples of what they offer:

Hidden Trails: a 12-day backpacking adventure from hut to hut that combines the famous Laugavegur Trail along with the hidden gems of Iceland. A trip of approximately 130km long in which we will discover geothermal areas, secret valleys, endless lakes and lava fields that challenge our imagination.

Hiking & Sailing in the Faroe Islands: an 8-day trip aboard the Norðlýsið sailboat. Where we will sail between fjords, disembarking every morning to make unique hikes across the most impressive areas that these islands give to us, such as Gásadalur, Mykines and Gjógv.

We will tell you about the experience on Iceland once we have been there, but if you are planning to go, contact this lovely people, because I am totally sure that it is worth it…


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