Today I would like to talk about Uganda, a beautiful country with very nice people who is always willing to help others and who just want to be happy. As simple as that. So, let’s try and HELP a little here, because they really need our help.

Because I haven’t had the opportunity to go there, YET, I have talked to Dark Hills Uganda, an adventure company that organizes mountaineering, hiking, and others activities through different national parks, but also some amazing chimpanzee and gorilla tours. Always with RESPECT TO THE NATURE AND TO THE ANIMALS!

Despite of being a wonderful job, for them, “It’s important because I have always wanted to show people how beautiful my country is, with a lot of diversity, a good climate, friendly/welcoming people, and by the way when it comes to gorillas, Uganda being home to over 50% of this global population in its Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks […] which are in Uganda”. 

But for them to grow it is important that we go and visit Uganda, because they have discovered that not many people know about these adventures, their culture, their people, the country and its secrets, the beautiful places that they have and the joy you can experience when you are there.

As they have told us, “since I also like traveling, I discovered that not a lot of people know my country and this forced me to do something that will help my country be known, and I wanted to do it through tourism”. But, what is really beautiful is that they really like what they do, “of course, I like it very much, it’s my passion and I’m very happy about it”..

So, TIME TO HELP. They “would like the government to help us improve on the marketing strategies of our destination because […] a lot of things here, people from different countries are missing out. I would like to improve on my marketing skills as well so that we can have a lot of clients visiting our country”. MARKETING, came on, community, let’s move, let’s post, let’s like, let’s share, let’s them to be known all around the world!!

And, sorry, but I can’t finish without telling anything about SUSTAINABILITY, well, I think it is better to see what they have to say… “The most important thing is always to have sustainable tourism and everyone is aware of that to consider this because they know the effects”. YES, THEY’RE RIGHT, WE DO KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES, DON’T WE?

Itziar Pérez Miranda, 07/03/2022

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