Keep looking for new ways

When you feel like there are no more routes, no more ways, like you are stuck in the middle of nothing, of everything, of the light, of the dark, of the here, if the there, in that place where you don’t even know where it is, or what is that… when you feel confuse and don’t know why, neither what to do, then just stop. Literally, stop.

Take a moment for you, because you deserve it. Because you just need to study yourself, not as the rest see you, but as you really see you. And take your time, as much as you need. But don’t stop looking into yourself.

At the end, you’ll start to walk, one step at a time, and you’ll go out and look for new ways, because there are always new ways, even when you are not capable to do it.

Si rest a bit, think about yourself and what you want to do, who you want to be, and go out there and fine that path, because I’m sure there it’s, at least, one for each one of us.

Be kind, take care of the people you love and let them love you. And go to the nature, because it has lots of surprises to give you…

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