Today we are coming back to Macedonia thanks to the help of Mladen, who works as a high school teacher teaching tourism and hospitality, AND AT THE SAME TIME AS A TOUTIST GUIDE!, isn’t that awesome??

He is from Kratovo, so the guide routes he does are usually from that part of the Republic of North Macedonia. Nevertheless, he just doesn’t stop there, so he also works on the Balkan Peninsula. 

Bout Kratovo, he tell us that, “Kratovo is a small town with a natural and cultural heritage on every single step. A walk around Kratovo brings everybody back to the past, and one has the feeling that the time has stopped”. So, if you want a trip to the past, you know who you have to make contact with!.

What we really like about Mladen is that can be asked one million times that if he is not boring doing the same walks and activities around, who’s answers is “I experience Kratovo differently every single time with every different group. Every single tour brings me a new view and perspective of Kratovo and encourages me to work harder on its tourism development since the potential isn’t used as it has to be. And, sure, I’m really happy with my work”. So cheers to Mladen and his passion!.

 About TOURISM AND SUSTAINABILITY, Kratovo “lays in the crater of an extinct volcano, which is related to its name […] but, this potential isn’t used enough to talk about tourism […] I would like to show Kratovo to many more people”. So, to achieve the goal where tourism grow, “tourism stakeholders in the town have to collaborate and follow the local, regional and national strategic tourism documents. The public entities should support tourism development more and give opportunities to local people, especially young people to enroll in the tourism sector”. 

On the other hand, as us, he thinks that “NATURE is unspoiled, the cultural heritage visits are for free so far, so we can think on and practice many different ways of reaching sustainability, by creating sustainable and eco-friendly, and accessible tourist supplies”.

So dear community, go and visit this beautiful part of the Republic of North Macedonia, because I am very sure that it is worth it!!

Itziar PEREZ MIRANDA, 12/03/22

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