When you have a little bit of free time and all you want to do is going out there, to the nature, and feel and live it, you have a passion. You are aware not only because you are feeling like going, but because no matter how your feelings are, if you are tired or not, if you have other thing on mind, or there are others projects on your agenda, you just take the bags and go out.
The moment you start to choose the cloths, the food, the material, the appropriate shoes, equipment, hydration, and then you go for the car keys, this is THE MOMENT YOUR DAY WILL START TO MAKE SENSE!.
So, it doesn’t matter if it is limbing, hiking, canyoning, walking, whatever outdoor activity it is, the important thing is to go on with the decision, because it will change your day completely.
In this case, CLIMBING!. It is truth that we love all kind go outdoor sports, but, as we have been practicing it that much lately, we want to talk a little bit about it.
Climbing is not just the practice “per se”, it is about being on the nature, with the nature, it is about pushing your self to try to be better. It is were you can beat your self and be proud, because for you, it doesn’t matter how many people have donde it, it is about how you have being progressing on the same wall.
And the most amazing thing is the billions of walls that are out there waiting for you…
But there is something that can’t be forget about it, THE FEELING WHEN YOU RECAH THE TOP (which is the same for every sport when you read your goal), and you can stop there, and look down, and both sides, and up, and then, when you are properly secure, you can take your time to see, to hear, to breath, TO LIVE!
Because feeling alive is a source of energy that can be compared with other, at least, not other that we have experienced.
So, if you are practicing it, you already know what we are talking about, but if you don’t, go and try, find a place, professionals to teach you and just enjoy the feeling.
And for the climbing community, let’s keep rocking it!

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