He need a little help, just read, please…

Kerim is a final year mechatronics engineering student. And, despite of been a hard worker boy, he is involved in helping his sport community.

So, he has “been in our university’s outdoor sports community for about four years”, where started as a student and now volunteers as a climbing instructor.

The problem I that they “use community equipment in our activities, I don’t have any personal equipment unfortunately” and because his school is ending this semester”, hi won’t be able to have his own equipment. To find new places to climb, to have a life, to be as happy as he deserves.

And if it was not enough, as he says, “due to the exchange rate difference in Turkey unfortunately,
it is very expensive to buy equipment. My financial situation is not very good. I love climbing and being in nature. When school is over it will be very difficult for me to climb as I don’t have any personal equipment.
He would like as, as a generous community, and family that take care of others, we are, he is asking for a little help to buy or receive material.

I’m leaving you his thought, so you have a better idea of the situation, “I don’t really want too much, my main equipment climbing belt, climbing shoes it’s enough, otherwise I will stay away from the climbing industry for a long time.

So PLEASE, LET’S HELP KERIM!! We can send him the equipment, we can send him the money, we can discuss it, but please, help us with that.

Go and see his profile, because we have here a boy full of dreams who deserves to have so many good moments as we have.

Put in contact with him or with us, do it the way you prefer, but please, do it…

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