My dear friends of Dark Hills Uganda help me with some super important information if you are thinking (wich you should be!!) about going to Uganda.
So, Uganda has a particular season which is the most known for the tourist and it is the dry season. So, there are two of them, the first from December/January through to mid-March and from June through to mid-September. As my friends say “ These dry months are the most popular with tourists, with July and August and Christmas and New Year being the peak seasons”.
Well, what about the rain?? Of course, they can not run away of it (neither can we…), but it is good to know when it takes places, so read carefully: “Most rain falls in October-November and April-May. However, this doesn’t mean that it rains all day, nor does it mean it will rain every day. Usually there’s a tropical shower at night or a shorter shower during the day, but in Uganda you can trust that after rain comes sunshine!”.
WHAT THAT IS MEAN?? That you don’t have to deal afraid!! You just have to speak with the profesional who lives and work there!
For example, for Dark Hills Uganda, “weather is no reason to avoid travelling in the wet season, you might even consider it because of the easy availability of gorilla permits”.
And here come the BEST PART: “as in the rest of the world, the East African climate is changing, making it more difficult for us to predict the weather during your safari. However, in Uganda the temperature is very stable and pleasant, with sunshine almost 365 days a year. During the day, the temperature averages between 23 and 27°C, although in some places it can be quite cool at night”.
SO, please, put in contact with them, ask and try, because they know what they are talking about and are full of really and quality information!
And as all of as like photos, there are a couple of them…

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