Today is time to talk a little bit about nutrition, which is important for some reasons.

When we are out there having a good outdoor activity and using part of the fuel that we have left, we need to refill. 

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So, even though you don’t fell hungry, or even thirsty, you can’t forget about eat, because your muscles and your brain would appreciate it later.

We have already talk about preparing your food to go for an adventure, but today, we are talking about homemade protein bars.


And why preparing them when you can buy them? Ok, it is an easy question with an easy answer: you can keep buying and also prepare them, you don’t have to choose between them, you can take them both to the activity.

The really thing with the homemade is that you can add more protein and less sugar. And you will need sugar for the activity, so, how the hell do I do about the sugar (which is the fuel for the brain)? You can do many thing.

For instance, you can add more carbs to the protein bars; HOW? adding more oat or integral flavors. But you can also keep on the fruit, which also has high sugar contact, but the healthy sugar (fructose). And you also can combine it with some veggies, if you are a veggie lover as I am.

So, don’t hesitate to try the protein homemade protein bars. Because all are advantages: they are cheap, you can make them with the format that you like the most, you can play with the ingredients and they are a container of healthy protein, carbs and fats, so they have all that you need for a BOOST OF ENERGY!.

Itziar Pérez Miranda, 29/03/22

If you want some recipe, contact us!

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