Drongo Safaries

Today I would like to talk you a little bit more about our friends of DrongoSafaries, established on Arusha on 2021. So as they are new on the business, we would like the community to help them.
One of our friend there is a tour guide, a happy one, who enjoys what he does but that need a little help to “have permanent Agents to make my business to be stable; add some tourism car because hiring is the expensive; have my own hotels/Lodges/camps in the parks; and build my own offices”. So I think we can help them on those points, as we love travel and have fun and new adventures… we just have to go there and go to know them…

If you are not sure about it, then let us go for the amazing activities they have:
“National parks, Serengeti National (Migrations of millions of wildebeest, zebras and antelopes from Serengeti to Maasai Imara-Kenya), Ngorongoro crater (One of the 8 wonders of the world), Mkomazi (Breeding site of rhinos), Kitulo national park (The gardens of god, the park ha unique flowers you can’t find anywhere) etc.”
“Mountains, Mt. Kilimanjaro (The highest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing volcanic mountain in the world).”
“Water bodies (Lake Tanganyika is the first deepest lake in Africa and the second deepest lake in the world after the Lake Baikal, also the longest fresh water in the world), Lake Victoria named after Queen Victoria is the source of river Nile and is the first largest in Africa and 3rd in the world by largest.”
“Historical site, Bagamoyo was the biggest slave trade center in East and Central Africa around 18th, Kilwa also was the biggest slave trade center in East and Central Africa around 14th was the first city to own its currency, Olduvai Gorge site, the existence of fossils of first human being type of homo habilis to live there”.
“Caves, Ambon caves longest caves tunnels which its end never revealed etc”.

Don’t forget to check their site!!

Itziar Pérez Miranda, 01/04/2022

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