An airport, that place where you can start or end a path, or even going through it, a little pause on your journey.

There are the long waits, the long lines, the long (o short) patience, the noise, the hustle, the runs, the people, too much people.

So the world is moving, it’s starting, it’s changing, it’s arriving to its destiny, it’s choosing, or not. All we just now for sure is that it’s alive, moving, breathing, talking, shouting, looking on silence, not looking…

But something you can try to do is learn while you are on it. Because maybe you now what you want, and suddenly, you realize something different. Or maybe you thought where you were going, doing, and you realize that you where wrong. Or you can even realize that you are going to where you belong.

Anyway, the think is to stay there, to be present, to look around, to see all that people, the ones who are looking for their dreams, or flying for work, or waiting to decide, or running because the plane is leaving, or talking with a friend about its future, past…

But if you close your eyes and you don’t let yourself the opportunity to look around, see different people, with different life and visions, you will be loosing the chance of learn, of grow the frame.

And it’s this frame the one who will let you see different, through other perspectives. And when you don’t have that, it’s more difficult to see, to decide, to choose, to compare, to talk about other things that goes beyond you. And so many other things.

So today lesson, at least for me, is to pay more attention, because when you do that, you will find yourself amazed with the things that you are seeing: the gestures, the movements, the conversations, the colors, the happiness, the sadness, the fullness, the emptiness…

Because the world don’t stop, so neither the live on the airport does…

Itziar Pérez Miranda, 03/04/22

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