Ohrid Lake, MK

Ohrid is a town in the south-west of Macedonia, an easy place to find and more easy to enjoy, as you can practice as many different outdoor activities as you wish.

Despite the mountain and the climbing crags, they also have an amazing lake, in which you can do aquatic activities and also cycling around it, you can even go around the whole lake, which has a very comfortable road and an amazing views, not only to the lake, but both Macedonian’s and Albanian’s mountains.

But before we go with the activities, you maybe would like to know that they also have a very welcoming community and all kind of places to visit and enjoy, as restaurants, churches, theater or even fortress.

And another spectacular thing to enjoy there are the sun rises and the sun sets, because they are never the same, as you can see!!

About the activities, if you want to walk, hike, run or cycle, you have countless alternatives, as you have mountains, beautiful hikes or you can just walk near by the lake near the town.

And for climbers and people who want adventures, there is a crag, going south, which is easily finding and will let you go to a hidden paradise. 

In our case, we meet some lovely cows, an isolated beach and the amazing views that the lake offers to you when you reach the top of the routes.

We’d also like to add that he town has all types of information, so going around it feels very comfortable. That you can go for some activity, for relaxation or for both of them. You can stay for a few days or for several weeks, because it has endless possibilities. And an important thing, they have a huge responsibility with sustainability, so, as visitors, we should respect that, respect the people and the landscapes, because it is worth it. Ohrid is a beautiful place with a wonderful lake and lots of opportunities to have a really nice time.

And please, go and visit www.balkania-association.com, and thank to Marija for her endless knowledge and for helping us on every trip to Macedonia.

By Itziar Pérez Miranda.

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