Elton, who help starting Albanian Trip in 2007, did it whit the idea that “Albania had just started to show up in travel shows and maps of intrepid travelers as a new old country in Europe and the Med”. As a tourism management and with some studies in Sustainable Development, he started this project “with a lot of personal passion for history, geography, travel, literature, nature, anthropology and so much more”. Being the main reason of the project to “offer the very best of Albania and the Balkans”.
And as passionate about sustainability, he thinks that ” We shall always do our best to make sure to do our job but to also be able to leave a healthy environment to the generations behind us”.

Elton I grow up in a country where travel, freedom and tourism was kind of a heresy and where the rest couldn’t do that or, in the best case, learn about the World from TV or literature. So, his first trip was when i was 20 years old, and as he says “What an experience. I felt i had traveled to another planet”. And since that point, he continued until he had made it clear that “I did design my dream for a future in travel and tourism starting from there quite clearly and i did follow it after i came back home”. So, here we have such a brave person who followed his passion. 

Being asking about be part of the travel community, he is very clear, so as he tells as “Am i happy with my choice!? This is a bunch of great reasons to be happy in life”

About being asked about tourism behavior, he thinks that “I would love my country to have the right amount of intelligence to learn from other destinations mistakes. To respect the traditions, to modernize in a smart way, to develop in a direction that does not ruin paralel things, to understand what the visitors come for in Albania, to take pride in its difficult past and to make sure the generous amount of natural beauty can become a real mechanism to growth for the future generations”

And as he continues “We are a young nation and we are fervent to learn, modernize and develop as fast as possible […] we have wasted so much time, generations, energy […] but it is a bit hard for us to walk forward without the right amount of knowledge. But anyways, there is plenty of hope and a lot of the Albanian beauty is still there intact and waiting to be taken in careful hands and shown to the World as the small real gem that is desperate to be discovered”.  SO LET HELP THEM TO MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE!.
And now, it time about talk about TOURISIM. We all want people to be more respectful about cultures and nature, but, in Elton’s words “I wish they took more time to really understand the places and the people. I really hope the day will come when people will take over the responsibilities that come with the footprint of their leisure consequences […] I wish people were a bit more conscious about consuming. I wish they produces less waste, use energy in a more sustainable way, and stepped in nature or history with more respect and curiosity”. 
GOOD THING, that they government is into help, being the travel sector a key part of Albanias future. BUT, as he says, they need more for professionals of the sector and less burocrates, “people who understand better what the real value of Albania is”.

So friends, TIME TO HELP “It would be great if the rest of the West, helps us understand what they would look for in a country and region like mine […] I would love it to be the new Costa Rica or Bhutan. 

And to my dear travel community, to couldn’t finish without talking about SUSTAINABILITY…

For them “sustainability is still an ephemere concept, moving and changing very fast” which is MUSIC TO MY EARS. Elton think that “We can transform travel experiences into a continuous communication with other people and with the nature. We can do so many things to make sure that we enjoy travel and the World loves us”, Elton is so into it, I love that Albanian passion to the topic and the way he wants to transform his country and the way travelers treat it.  

SO, ONCE MORE, HERE WE HAVE A CHANCE TO HELP. As Elton is saying us “Well Guys! Come to Albania. Bring a thermos with you. Turn off the engine when you stop to take a picture. Leave more of your money to the sustainable models in hospitality. Let the others know about the positiveness. Try to read a bit about us before you get here. So you will better understand. Forget about the cliches. Albanians are just as amazing and problematic as you are back at home. Neither worse nor better […] and of course come as a traveler and not as tourist. And let us guide your journey in this small but amazing mountain balcony on the Mediterranean”. 

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