Never forget about the nutrition, even when you get home destroyed. Always plenty of easy meals to prepare

Looking for new adventures in Greece

Amazing starting on this beautiful Marathon town. Non just for the history that it has, but for the new and special feelings that it brings to you. It was a starting point, it still is, so, as always, keep looking for new starts, go and see the world, because you never know when it is going to beat you… and when it does, it does… there are no word to describe it…

And as always, be respectful with people, nature and most of all, with the people you lovе.

Ohrid Lake, MK

Ohrid is a town in the south-west of Macedonia, an easy place to find and more easy to enjoy, as you can practice as many different outdoor activities as you wish.

Despite the mountain and the climbing crags, they also have an amazing lake, in which you can do aquatic activities and also cycling around it, you can even go around the whole lake, which has a very comfortable road and an amazing views, not only to the lake, but both Macedonian’s and Albanian’s mountains.

But before we go with the activities, you maybe would like to know that they also have a very welcoming community and all kind of places to visit and enjoy, as restaurants, churches, theater or even fortress.

And another spectacular thing to enjoy there are the sun rises and the sun sets, because they are never the same, as you can see!!

About the activities, if you want to walk, hike, run or cycle, you have countless alternatives, as you have mountains, beautiful hikes or you can just walk near by the lake near the town.

And for climbers and people who want adventures, there is a crag, going south, which is easily finding and will let you go to a hidden paradise. 

In our case, we meet some lovely cows, an isolated beach and the amazing views that the lake offers to you when you reach the top of the routes.

We’d also like to add that he town has all types of information, so going around it feels very comfortable. That you can go for some activity, for relaxation or for both of them. You can stay for a few days or for several weeks, because it has endless possibilities. And an important thing, they have a huge responsibility with sustainability, so, as visitors, we should respect that, respect the people and the landscapes, because it is worth it. Ohrid is a beautiful place with a wonderful lake and lots of opportunities to have a really nice time.

And please, go and visit, and thank to Marija for her endless knowledge and for helping us on every trip to Macedonia.

By Itziar Pérez Miranda.

Mk, still a lot to talk about

Bislimska Klisura, MK

Welcome to Bislimska Klisura, Kumanovo. It is another beautiful place in Macedonia, where you would find wonderful people, food and amazing landscapes.

To get there, you just have to go to Pchinja village, and once you reach that beautiful village, you can ask to the always welcoming people or just cross the bridge, which will send you to a parking just by the side of the river that runs through the canyon. And as a canyon, I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful ones that I have seen.

Once you have reached the parking, you have to walk up through a little hill and you will see the gates to Bislimska Klisura, where your outdoor travel starts!

If you decide just HIKING, you can surround the mountains, part of the hike is near the canyon, so the views are priceless. What’s more, the hike is totally peaceful, so there you are with the sound of the running water, the birds and from time to time, a refreshing gust wind. It is an easygoing hike, so it is well marked, the altitude you gain is not much and you gain it slowly, so you can keep focus on the wonders that Bislimska has there for you.

On the other hand, if you are passionate about CLIMBING, you will find yourself in front of no more and no less than 81 routes, divided in 4 sectors, whose levels go from 4 to 8a. So, no excuses not to go and have real fun for the day!, you have lot of routes to practice, enjoy and try as many times as you want. And at this time of the year, not just the weather is amazing, but it feels like you have all that place for yourself…

As you can see, the views are just amazing… not just when you get to the top, because they are that beautiful when you decide simply to take a walk trough the hike.

To conclude, for now…, for those people who love nature, to hike, to climb, to find some place where you can relax, to listen to the sound, to breath clean air or just have an outdoor moment, go and try this lovely and, at the same time, enjoyable place called Bislimska Klisura.

And DO NOT FORGET, don’t leave the garbage behind, let’s help all together to keep the places clean or, at least, the same way it was when we reached it. Be sustainable…

Itziar Pérez Miranda, 19/04/2022

Gumalevo and Matka (MK)

Balkans trip! We started it in Macedonia. We have already been in Gumalevo and Matka. So we will start talking about Gumalevo (ENJOY THE TRIP).

We departed from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Our plans were to find Gumalevo, which has some amazing routes and views…

So the place is an easy one to find, as long as you have a gps or some guide, you will find it with no problem.

Once you get to the parking, you just have to go to the left hike. There is a map, but it is (for now) on the ground, broken into peaces…, the saddest part of that area.

Anyway, once your are on the right spot, you start hiking through a beautiful landscape in which you could see some white flower trees (we think they are dogwood trees), which are really nice to see. After a walk of around 10 – 15 minutes, you find that spectacular wall full of routes ready to be climbed.

You have from 5c+ to 8b routes. They are all amazing, but the last ones were inaccessible due to the vegetation. In any case, you have so many routes before that point that it is not a problem.

About the routes, we were trying some of them. The rocks were a little wet, but still compact, so it was worth it to get there.

To end with Gumalevo, we just have to say that you should go and try, because the fun is guaranteed. And the views once you are there, is something that you have to feel by yourself…

And now, Matka! This place is near Skopje and as a hike, it is just amazing. There is an easy place to find too and once you park, you just have to start walking. The only problem here is that, is you want hiking, you just have to keep walking, BUT IF YOU WANT TO CLIMB, be careful, because you have to take a boat to the other side of the canyon.

So yes, that is what happened to us… so here we will talk about the hiking, leaving the climbing part for another day (will post once we reach that part). The only thing we can say about climbing is that the rock isn’t that compact as it is in Gumalevo. Even though you can’t climb in the right part of the canyon, you are walking by the mountain, so you can touch and try the rock. Most of it is limestone and because the days before it was raining a little bit, there were parts where when you grab the rock, it is leaving the wall with you… So, it is a place where you have to be really careful if you want to climb. Anyway, there were some parts in which you could do bouldering for a while, so never give up if you don’t find the place or you get the wrong way…

About hiking, it is just amazing. The views are spectacular, the hike can be as long as you want (we were there walking for 3 hours, but you can make it longer or shorter) and you don’t get bored at any point because the way is changing all the time. You can be walking through an open space and suddenly you find yourself into vegetation, to go out of there again and have those spectacular mountains to see. For us it was a beautiful place to be and to relax for a while. The sound of the water running through the canyon, the birds, the green, the sky, the metamorphosis of the landscape, the stone, the air… It has everything.

Looking forward to visit that place again, we have to admit that for hiking, it is a wonderful place…

So go and enjoy that part of Macedonia.

Itziar Pérez Miranda, 06/04/22