His Beliefs

Our friend, Jeewan Pandey has offered us some delightful information, as well as some photos of his beautifull country, India. DO NOT MISS what he has to shown us.

Jeevan wants to help his village to became an eco-village, not because of his passion for flowers, plant, threes and all that is related to that topic. So, thank to some of his ideas, they are trying to make their forests to grow, planting whatever they can, making the area a healthier place to live and to enjoy with its views.

How does he helps?


Because he is not alone on this project, so his community is also willing to cooperate with him, as well as their government, I will launch a question: why don not we help him too?

And what is more impressive, in words of Jeewan “Use organic compost for harvesting: we give training how to convert leafs and cow dung to make organic fertilizer for domestic and commercial purpose”.


And, he is not only concerned about nature, he is a health and yoga lover, so hi spread all his knowledges to his villagers, so they can take self of their health and have a daily routine with “morning jogging and yoga for healthy future”.

Is that enough?

No! He is also worried about the tourism and its impact. Because his villagers leave from the farming, different kind of herbs and spices, he also do support to startups focused on this areas.

Is there something else? YES

This super-man, who only wants his people to have a better life, also support them with English and computer classes, because, on his own words “maximum villagers are illiterate or less literate need to give them knowledge of Basic English and computer with smartphone operation. I am helping them and providing best possible education”.

WHAT NOW? Please, just be kind when you get there, because they are trying their best to be a healthy and welcoming community. And if you are already there, or planning to go, you just have to make contact to him and, MOST OF ALL, help and respect their culture.

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