NEPAL: the land of the 8 x 8000+

Our Nepali friend Samir Humagain, who salute us on the Nepali way “Namaste (joining both hands and bowing head down) from Nepal to all of those who are reading this”.

He has shared with us how it feels to be a mountain guide in Nepal, for some readers more known for The Everest. Sammir is a really young trekking and traveler guide who believes about his job that it “is always exciting because I feel like I have been doing the worlds best job and get the greatest satisfaction from it”.

As a guide, he has always have clear that he wanted to start “grow myself professionally and always dreamed of exploring and providing my service for my clients and guest who are always welcome to visit Nepal”. So as you can see, Nepal is the welcoming land, and it never changes, no matter how many years pass. There is no other expression that can make it clear when he tell us that “I love making my clients feel like they are in their home when making tours with me”. And people who has been there know what I am talking about…

But, nowadays, where one of the more important topic people is worried about is sustainability, Samir always do his contribution “Sustainable tourism is what we are always promoting. We are requesting our coworkers and clients not to do any sort of activities which are harming the natural beauties of Mountains and respect each and every individual who are involved into this”. So, one again, there we have such a responsible, super sociable and hardworking young mountain guide.

And, ok, now what everybody is waiting for, The HIMALAYA. In Sammir you are going to find an excellent trekking guide who is always ready to show the beauties of those spectaculars mountains, always with that smile and that natural character. So, make contact with him, because you will learn a lot.

Nepal, by Itziar PEREZ MIRANDA, 27/01/2022

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