Economic tips

We know saving is not as easy as it seems, but that is why we want to share ones of the oldest and more effective tricks:

Set a goal (a trip, an amount of money for new equipment…) and the quantity that you are gonna need. Ant with that job done, you only have to know which road you have to take to get there, it is just a question of numbers.

¿What is the best time to save and the one to spend it on the thing you would like to?

Our opinion is that when the economy is in its bullish phase (growing), the best option is to dedicated some part of your income as savings, because economy is a cicle that always repeats it self. It goes up (profits), then down (losses) and then repeat.

With that on mind, having savings at any moment of the cycle is really important, because that is the real way to spend the money in what you need, when you need it… If you need some advise about how to do it, don’t doubt to contact us.

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