Find your passion

By Itziar Pérez Miranda, 23/01/2022

What is passion? For me, that has a simple answer: passion is that felling that moves and makes you try new ways to get to it.

Passion is that thing, activity, sport, food, book, whatever it is, that makes you feel like the world has stoped. It is the moment when you can look around and see and hear new things, that makes your adrenaline flow through you, from the inside to the outside. It is this “something” that makes you feel like you are flying, that it is not real, that makes you feel something big, strong, new, motivated, but at the same time, relaxed and comfortable with yourself.

For me, that passion is called canyoning. It is more than a sport, or even a hobby, it is a new way of living the nature.

This is the activity that stopped me for a moment and taught me to feel calm, to be part of what was going on around me. It makes me become aware of new sounds and views, even though they had always been there.

Canyoning is more than activity, it is part of you, it makes you feel happy and, at the same time, relaxed, meditative, more creative, and so many different feelings.

That is way you have to find yours, because passion moves you and makes you want to be more proactive, to try a new thing, to feel a new feeling, to experiment, to let your mind and body go beyond the normal and everyday things.

And it is so wonderful when you have it so close to you. Because, yes! Passion is around you, you will feel it at one specific moment of your life and you will know that it is the one for you.

And when you find it, do not let it go, do not give up, follow it, practice it, be constant, because the benefits are so big… Nothing can be compared to it, so you just have to keep moving towards it, dedicate your free time and enjoy it.

Most of all, enjoy it, because you deserve it, because you deserve to be happy and experiment all those feelings, because you deserve to feel free and full of life.

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