Ohrid Lake, MK

Ohrid is a town in the south-west of Macedonia, an easy place to find and more easy to enjoy, as you can practice as many different outdoor activities as you wish. Despite the mountain and the climbing crags, they also have an amazing lake, in which you can do aquatic activities and also cycling aroundContinue reading “Ohrid Lake, MK”

Mk, still a lot to talk about



http://www.instagram.com/p/CbnyrWMrc0S/ So, here we are, and as we said, we have reached an opinion about the T-shirts. So REVIEW coming! @snuggerz.one We tried it climbing, running and hiking (and also indoor doing some fitness).The opinion: the material is perfect for every tope of weather, it is breathable, comfortable to the touch, it doesn’t rub your skin and,Continue reading “Snuggerz”