My dear friend Arthur Gwalugano works as a tour operator at Travel Hype Adventures, based in Dar es Salaam. They offer trips to national parks, hiking on beautiful mountains as Kilimanjaro and holidays packages to beaches placed in Zanzibar or Pemba.

BUT, more than a service, the work he does is important because, as he says, “My work is important to me because I am not just giving a service, I am giving a Tanzania experience helping people create memories […] I want our clients to be ambassadors of the beauty of our land and hospitality of our people”.

Arthur, as most of this outdoor and travel community, is also passionate about it, in his own words he is “Very exciting I love it!. There are many adventurous places to go in Tanzania and do a variety of activities”. And he is totally right, because you can do more than safaris, you can also practice hiking, go to see waterfalls and for the passionates drivers, you can go for a ride throw the nature while you are just having so much fun.

But, we CAN’T FORGET that Tanzania is not one of the first choices we make when we are planning a trip, so we can contribute to the cause. Because as he also says “We have a paradise here that people all over the world are missing out on to experience”

And, last, but not least, we can’t forget about SUSTAINABILITY. They’re truly aware that we have to take into consideration our actions when we are practicing some outdoor activity and “the impact and it’s long term effects”. 

So, at this point I can’t add anything more clarifying. We can travel, we can have fun and at the same time BE KIND TO THE NATURE AND THEIR PEOPLE AND CULTURE.

Go to Tanzania and help them grow and have a better life.

By Itziar Pérez Miranda, 31/01/2022

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