Miquel arrived to Vietnam in 1999 to work in the tourism industry, with the intention of helping and sharing what he had with the Vietnamese people. The main reason for this become after seeing that “the European system did not finish working, it is not based on the well-being of the individual person but on a sector director, who does not understand much of the rest”.

Therefore, he has not only been able to achieve and finish his challenges, but he has also become a happy person thanks to what he has done there. His day to day is based on “sharing knowledge, learning and experience with people eager to learn”, which “constantly recharges and helps me to move forward and continue growing”. As he lets us see “I find happiness in the people who support me and learn from me, they are my pillars and without them I would not be able to function in the efficient way that I do on a daily basis”.

AND, here we go, TOURISM and HELP: Miquel is quite clear that you can always contribute and that there are many different ways to do so “sharing, training, respecting […] listening it is also very important, focusing on what they have to say, not wanting to answer constantly, but just listening”.

Last but not least, of the experiences that after SO MANY YEARS HELPING one think he never forgets is that “training ethnic minorities in the north of Vietnam is spectacular, teaching them details, ideas, knowledge because they are very receptive. They still remember him after two decades of training”.

Itziar Pérez Miranda, 14/02/2022

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